Mission Statement

Durham Nativity School provides a tuition-free, enriched learning environment and a twelve-year support system for middle school boys who have the ability and commitment to achieve, but not the resources for a quality, independent school education. We promote a rigorous academic program and nurture the whole child to reach his potential through knowledge, moral values, learning skills, discipline, and character development. We instill service for others as we build tomorrow’s role models and community leaders.

Durham Nativity School serves middle school boys who come from financially challenged (low income) families.  We provide  a nurturing, but highly structured and academically challenging environment in which our students thrive. The school provides the students with emotional, social, moral and intellectual support through small classes, an extended school day and school year program. We require active parental involvement and hire faculty and staff fully dedicated to our mission.

We consider our mission to be an eleven-year process with our students. It begins as they enter 6th grade and concludes upon college graduation. Our faculty and staff help our students become young men ready for the rigors of college preparatory high schools and, consequently, colleges. As part of the eleven-year process, our Graduate Support program tracks each graduate’s progress throughout high school and college. Our Board of Trustees has also adopted a high school tuition-assistance program that will allow us to continue supporting our graduates that attend a college preparatory high school that does not offer a full scholarship. This funding will ultimately become an endowment fund that will subsidize their high school education when needed. IMG_7574

Our students are enrolled without regard to race, color, religion or ethnicity, but all must come from financially disadvantaged families or qualify for the National School Lunch Program. Above all, the boys and their families must be committed to our rigorous schedule and academics.

The Durham Nativity School is an independent, privately-funded middle school.  It is not tuition driven, nor is it a charter or magnet school.  We provide for our operating costs through individual, foundation, and corporate donations.

Durham Nativity School is educating boys who will break across barriers to become tomorrow’s leaders and role models within the community. We invite you to join us in their wonderful, educational journey!